Superintendent's Goals

  • Performance goals are established between the board and the superintendent in concert with the district's strategic plan and related operating and leadership priorities. Performance expectations are contained as well in the board policy and related procedure addressing superintendent standards-based evaluation. Establishment of performance goals is a foundation for the annual standards-based appraisal process. Policy 5251 and Procedure 5251P, Evaluation of the Superintendent, describe evaluation of the superintendent's performance and establishing goals for the superintendent’s performance. The goal format is part of a four-tier evaluation model similar to the models currently in use for classroom teachers, school principals and assistant principals, and superintendent’s cabinet members. The effect of this integration and use of the standards-based evaluation framework is more focused annual goals. The annual goals are complemented by what are essentially 41 goals contained within the evaluation framework themes, organized within a structure of eight standards. 

    Superintendent's Annual Goals for 2021-22

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