Technology Support and Resources

  • Learning Information & Technology Services
    The Learning Information &Technology Services Department (LITS) is comprised of three teams: Customer and Technology Services, Information Network Systems, and Learning Management Services. We are committed to providing a wide-range of technology services including:
    • Integration of technology in teaching and learning
    • Student information management and reporting
    • Maintenance and security for data systems, networks, and telecommunications
    Need technical assistance? Contact HELP Desk- Learn more about technology support!
    If you need technical support, HELP Desk is available 7:00 am to 4:30 pm each weekday.
    HELP Desk provides technical support services for all computer related hardware, software and network issues across the district.. 
    • Use Help Desk Web - opens a ticket with either Help Desk or LMS
    • Call 385-HELP (4357) for more urgent support
    • Call 385-4080 (LMS) for student information system and instructional tools questions
    Network and Online Access
    Our online and digital tools will require a network username and password.
    Your network log in is your employee number (username) and a password you create and update every 90 days.
    If you need assistance start at the District Network Password page where you will find instruction for resetting your password or resetting an expired password.
    For our cloud systems, which includes Office 365 and EPS Google Apps, your password is the same but your username is
    login explanation  
     Tech Basics
    Find your MyView Dashboard on our website to customize your frequently used links.
    Our content management system is powered by BlackBoard who offers the district website authoring tool for staff with little knowledge of web programming language or markup languages to create and manage website content with relative ease. The website has a customizable dashboard that can make accessing the technology tools you use most all in one location.
    Core Technologies
    Everett Public Schools is new and evolving its use of Office 365 for Business. Our email service is provided through Outlook Exchange within the 365 environment. Currently only staff have accounts but this will be expanding to students in the 2017-18 school year.
    -Uses username and network password  
    Google logo
     EPS Google Apps - district shortcut
     Staff and students have been utilizing Google Drive for over seven years.
     -Uses network username and password
    Note: Users entering from should enter as their username 
    DocuShare logo
    Docushare provides a document repository for files shared with the public and shared within the district. For internal use, teachers have read-only accounts while administrators and select office users have read-write accounts. Inquiries can be made using Help Desk Web.-LMS  -Uses network username and password 
    For our students we have a Student Tools page
    Data Systems and Reporting Key Tools: For more information link to Grades&More 
    eSchoolPLUS eSchool Plus is our student information system and is only available within the district network. Access outside the district requires using remote access. Administrators can find the link to eSchoolPLUS using Internet Explorer and Chrome bookmarks. -Uses network username and password 

    Teacher Access Center button

    Teacher Access Center (TAC) is our student information system access for classroom teachers and is only available within the district network. Access outside the district requires using remote access.

    Teachers can find the link to TAC using Internet Explorer and Chrome bookmarks. -Uses network username and password  TAC for elementary  TAC for secondary
    Insight Insight Analytics by Scantron is utilized by administrators who have data questions and need a powerful, flexible analytics tool with demographics, grades, attendance, assessment scores, and more with customizable views for end users. 
    Teacher Insight offers teachers students data and is linked in gradebook. -Uses network username and password.

    Home Access Center Home Access Center (HAC) is  our student information system access for parents and students through the internet. The Info icon is a link that appears on Grades&More. Here K-12 parents and students can see attendance, discipline, IEPs, and assessment scores. Grades 9-12 families also will have grade history. Students use their network log in and parent accounts are managed by -Uses network username and password 


    Gradebook Icon Gradebook is a powerful communication tool for teachers to communicate to both students and parents. Wazzle Solutions Pinnacle Gradebook can be found by selecting Grades&More icon in the upper right-hand corner. There staff, students and parents will find this direct link the gradebook.. On this page there is Gradebook Basics which includes tutorials, including how to set-up your gradebook and other helpful tips. Parents log in is managed by LMS -Uses network username and password