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  • Lessons learned from winning a Championship

    "I’ve always heard from many wise people that there is much to be learned from defeat.  I do agree.  I feel like we are more available and open to constructive criticism when we are unsuccessful at accomplishing our goals.  On the flipside, I strongly believe that there are numerous lessons that can be learned from winning." Max Nazaire, author and fitness expert. 

    1. Hard work does pay off
    Many times in life, we work toward things and feel like the energy expended towards a goal is in vein. Hard work in a focused direction can and will pay off.

    2. Commitment isn’t a commitment until it is tested
    Some folks devote time and effort toward reaching a goal but please understand that the dedication allocated toward the mark will not manifest into the desired result until it is seen through to the end. There will be trials and tribulation that you will face, but champions rise above those things and see it through to the end. 

    3. Team work is required to accomplish community success
    It takes a group of people working towards the same goal day in and day out to achieve community success. You can make it to the top alone, but if you can reach the mountain top and pull some people with you, when you fall, there will be some people there to hold you up. 

    4. Success in one area can translate into the other areas in your life
    Success can be specific actions, but it is also an energy, or better yet a state of mind. When you have a winning state of mind, it can translate to other areas if you direct your mind to apply it in that way. 

    5. Duplication of success traits can put you in a position for repeated success
    Don’t reinvent the success wheel. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. If you notice that someone is having success in a particular area in their life, find out what they are doing to achieve that success and do it. If you had a time in your life that you were more successful, recreate that experience and do those things to reclaim victory.