Professional Development Opportunities

    Professional Development Funds - 2018-19
    Funds for coaches' professional development have been approved for the 2018-19 school year.  Due to limited funds and the desire to provide as many coaches the opportunity to utilize the funds, paid coaches (not volunteers) may claim up to $75 (up from $50 in 2016-17) for one clinic during the school year.  The funds may also be used to purchase magazine subscriptions, purchase DVDs or books, and so on.  The clinics/courses/materials must be related to athlete physical, social, or emotional development, best teaching/coaching practices for your sport, techniques and strategies for your sport, leadership and management of people, or any other topic that will improve you as a coach, the athlete's experience, and your program.
    Funds are available on a first come first served basis and once the money is gone, it is gone. 
    To access funds you will submit your request to the District Athletic Office.  For coaching clinics/courses you will submit a travel request form (link), the clinic/course registration form, and a check to cover the difference between the clinic cost and the district allocation ($75).  All materials must be submitted at least 3 WEEKS prior to the payment due date to allow processing time.  
    For the purchase of other materials contact Sarah Sundstrom to learn about this process.
    In some cases reimbursement may be possible only if approved by the Athletic Department in advance. 
    If you have any questions, call the Athletics Office first to be sure processes are followed accurately and more work is not put upon the athletic secretaries at the building and district level. 
    *Professional Development for 2018-19 will be determined by mid-October
    Required Courses for All Coaches
    CPR/First Aid From the District through Frontline
    - Open the link and sign into Frontline.  Go to Activity Catalog, District Catalog and type CPR in the search term to find the next available course date.
    District Required Training through SafeSchools (emailed to all district employees)
    - Contact Human Resources at 425-385-4100 if having log in problems.
    - Bloodborne pathogens
    - Health Emergencies
    - Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying
    - Boundary Invasion (every 3 years)
    - What Every Coach Should Know (every 3 years)
    Required Courses for Football Coaches (every 3 years)