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    The Professional Learning Council provides resources and programs in an environment of collegiality and collaboration that actively engages all employees of Everett Public Schools in continuous high quality professional learning. The resources and programs are designed to support improved job performance for increased equity of access to a high-quality education for each student.

    To support highly qualified employees, the Professional Learning Council is using the Standards for Professional Learning from the National Staff Development Council to create an integrated and extensive professional development program that leads to effective teaching practices, supportive leadership, and improved student results.

    2023-2024 Meeting Dates/Time/Location
    • November 28, 2023, 4p-5p, CRC-Lunchroom
    • April 30, 2024, 4p-5:30p, CRC-Board Room A
    • May 28, 2024, 4p-5p, CRC-Port Gardner B
    Mimi Brown, Director of Professional Learning