Sustainability Advisory Council

  • Charge

    District work is enriched when community voices are part of the process and help advise leadership. The work of the sustainability advisory council is advisory in nature, and it will be asked to provide guidance and advice to district staff regarding implementation of the district's commitment to sustainability. As legislation and codes become increasingly focused on reducing carbon footprints and the use of fossil fuels, energy and water and reusing or recycling materials, the district must decide how to comply with these requirements and what strategic direction to head in the future. 

    Schedule and Process
    This council will meet four times during the 2023-24 school year; twice in October and then once each in February and March.

    The Executive Director, Facilities and Operations, oversees this process and is responsible and accountable to the superintendent for the work of this council. This council is composed of parents and community members representing a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives, supported by representatives from various district departments. 

    Member Expectations 
    Value and respect the diversity of Everett Public Schools.
    Work cooperatively and respectfully with council members.

    Mike Gunn
    Executive Director, Facilities & Operations