• Family Engagement Advisory Council (FEAC)



    • *When defining families, we are including not just traditional families, but inclusive of every unit in society that fulfills the role of family.  




    Families, communities, and schools work as partners to ensure each student is prepared for and thrive on their chosen path.  




    Families working directly with district staff and school leadership, bringing the family voice to district and school-level decision-making.  


    Families and schools working together to provide an environment for families to engage with district staff Working together to produce students who are prepared to thrive on their chosen path.  




    For the 2022-2024 school years, the council is charged with advising, fostering, and promoting a culture of family engagement across the district and in the schools by:  

    • Providing the superintendent and school district staff with strategies around effective family engagement practices and removing barriers to engagement. 
    • Providing input and feedback on strategic plan initiatives, school district policies, and department strategies and practices by amplifying voices of historically excluded communities to represent the entire Everett Community.  
    • Increasing two-way communication to strengthen support for learning at home and at school. 
    • Bridging communications within school communities using cultural relevance 


    FEAC Member Qualifications


    Must be a parent, family member or guardian of a currently enrolled student in Everett Public Schools.  


    FEAC Member Expectations 

    • Value and respect the diversity of Everett Public Schools.  
    • Work cooperatively and respectfully with FEAC members.  
    • Actively participate in FEAC tasks.  


    Length of Term


    The term of membership is a minimum of two years. Members will serve from August 2022-July 2024.  


    Support and Structure  


    FEAC members are appointed by the superintendent. The superintendent shall designate a representative(s) to host and support FEAC meetings. District and school staff will also be identified to support and participate in FEAC. FEAC members may be offered training in leadership, advocacy, parent engagement best practices, team-building and other topics identified by the group so those who have typically not been involved in district and school-level committees will develop the skills to be effective team members and advocates.  




    Meetings will be held quarterly. Locations may rotate to schools across the district. Subcommittee meetings will be held in addition to quarterly meetings, as needed. Childcare and interpretation will be provided, as necessary to facilitate the full participation of all FEAC members.  


    FEAC Member Responsibilities and Commitment  


    FEAC members are expected to commit to attending an initial orientation/training and all FEAC meetings. (Exceptions will be made for urgent and unforeseen conflicts.) Additionally, FEAC members may also be asked to participate in special projects, ad hoc committees, focus groups, and meetings that further the work of the FEAC.  


    FEAC Meeting Topics for Consideration 


    • FEAC vision and mission development  
    • Community and culture-building topics and activities, creating a charter/norms 
    • Topics in family engagement practices, advocacy, and leadership 
    • Strategic plan initiatives 
    • Feedback on policies, procedures, and current practices  
    • Celebrations 

    Information from the meetings:

    Powerpoint presentation from 3/5/2024

    Agenda from 3/5/2024

    Powerpoint from 1/31/2024

    Powerpoint presentation from 10/3/2023

    Agenda from 10/3/2023

    Powerpoint presentation from 4/11/2023

    Powerpoint presentation from 1/31/2023


    Chris Fulford, Director of Categorical Programs 425-385-4030


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