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    ¡ Bienvenidos al Programa Aprendiendo y Jugando! 

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  • Inclement Weather Reminder!
    If Everett Public Schools is canceled for any reason,
    or if there is a 2-hour delay, Play and Learn is canceled. 

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    Play and Learn is a free program for children from birth thru age five and their parents or caregivers to have fun playing together, creating art, listening to stories and singing songs!  Sessions are held five days a week from 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m at four locations.  Calendar is provided below.   

    El Programa Aprendiendo y Jugando es un proyecto totalmente gratuito para niños de 0 a 5 años, para sus padres y/o cuidadores. En este programa podrán jugar juntos, hacer arte, escuchar cuentos y cantar canciones.

    **At Play and Learn we encourage back and forth brain building connections with  your child!  Please enjoy this short but impactful Ted Talk linked below that shares the importance of 'serve and return.' **

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