Everett Ready

  • In Everett Public Schools, kindergarten starts with Everett Ready

    Everett Ready is a transition program offered in August for all students preparing to enter kindergarten in September.

    It provides an opportunity for students to become familiar with the school campus, the staff, and their kindergarten peers.  The program supports positive, consistent experiences for all children and families with time and space to learn school routines and practices.

    Everett Ready will be held from Monday, August 21 to Thursday, August 24, 2023 for 3 hours in the morning. Students attend Everett Ready at their home school. 

    Everett Ready

    • offers a  safe environment before the start of school and the arrival of students in grades 1-5
    • offers a welcoming introduction to elementary school for families and students, relieving many first-day anxieties
    • provides school staff with critical information about students’ strengths and learning needs, allowing planning for individualized instruction  
    • gives families an opportunity to meet staff, discuss kindergarten readiness and receive educational support around helping their students become school-ready 
    • provides an opportunity to connect students with necessary district resources 
    • provides an opportunity to begin collecting student data around kindergarten readiness. 

    Everett Ready flyer for the summer of 2023 is available here and the registration form here. All enrollment forms are available on website:  www.everettsd.org/kindergartenenrollment.

    We are looking forward to meeting you and your child in August.

    For more information, contact our Early Learning department at 425-385-4290 or email earlylearning@everettsd.org. Department's main contact number:  425-385-4024. 



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