Early Learning Symposium

  • On Saturday, April 29, 2017, Everett Public Schools hosted an
    Early Learning Symposium.


    Symposium Purpose

    Engage the Everett community in the latest brain science regarding how children learn, the benefits to society of investing in early childhood, and involve the community in activities, discussion and efforts regarding expansion to provide access to our most vulnerable students to ensure Everett becomes a vibrant early learning community that serves as a national model.

    This symposium is for community members to exchange knowledge and ideas and identify actions we can take together to build a community that acknowledges, nurtures and benefits from the capabilities of its youngest citizens.

    Symposium Key Points
    1. Understand how investing in early learning benefits our community economically
    2. Learn the latest science about brain development in early childhood
    3. Recognize the urgency of supporting and expanding early learning opportunities in our community
    4. Review Everett Public Schools' program and components of a high-quality preschool
    5. Establish how to advocate for early learning
    Video - High-Quality Early Learning Programs