• All certificated employees are responsible for meeting the requirements to having a valid, current Washington State Educator Certificate or Temporary Permit for the grade level, subjects, or position for which they have been assigned.  It is important for certificated employees to know the expiration date of their certificate and allow time for the renewal process, tracking progress on OSPI’s website and check in with OSPI if there are concerns.  An expired certificate results in removal from the classroom and placed in a no-pay status. 

    Certificated employees must also have a valid state endorsement in the subject they teach.  If a teacher is teaching out of his/her endorsed area, the principal will work with the teacher to create an out-of endorsement plan of assistance.

    The certificate or temporary permit must be on file with the OSPI Data Management Office prior to the 1st contracted work day.

    E-Certification for Washington State Educators

    • Apply for a Washington state teacher, administrator, educational staff associate, or career tech educator certificate
    • Renew a Washington state continuing teacher, administrator, or educational staff associate certificate
    • Check certificate, permit, and application status
    • Apply for re-issuance of residency teacher certificates

    For further certification information: OSPI Certification Website or by phone at: 360-725-6400