Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Magellan Health Services will provide EAP services for all employees and their families. Enrollment in a medical plan is not required for this service.

    Everyone needs a little help now and then. Change can create stress. Routine can create stress. Life is full of challenges and surprises, ups and downs, highs and lows. It's natural to feel sometimes like there's just too much to handle. You're not alone.
    This program is available to Everett Public Schools employees and their families. Easy to find, confidential assistance is available every hour of every day. If after speaking with one of the Magellan clinicians an employee decides that they would benefit from seeing a counselor face-to-face, they will receive a referral to a provider in their area for up to five face-to-face appointments. Employees will be encouraged to make an appointment right away to get the needed support.
    Employees can call the toll-free number listed below to speak confidentially with a trained, compassionate professional. Employees are also encouraged to visit Magellan Health Members (instructions for registering) for information on hundreds of health and wellness topics, including:
    • Adjusting to change
    • Alcohol or drug dependencies
    • Child or elder care
    • Family or parenting issues
    • Grief
    • Marital or relationship issues
    • Pre- and post-natal concerns
    • Self-improvement
    • Stress
    • Work/life balance

    ... and so much more. This program offers online screening tools, self-assessment and personalized improvement plans to help you better understand and cope with your everyday--and not so everyday--concerns.

    Professional Consultation   Call 1-800-523-5668 

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